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I tried to notify you several times of this issue, starting 2 years ago. (IIRC I emailed someone about that as well)

So, here are some examples:
(the older ones don't exist anymore, so I'll just pick some random ones)

I guess that's enough... (nearly all are from
Also, nearly any image from the original post by fischi is too large. I just looked at a bunch of *_16-square* images there: actually only ~10% of them are 16x16 pixels.

The broken gifs are harder to find. I blocked all 16/24/32px square gifs to keep my browser alive. If you are _really_ interested, I could try to find them - which is somewhat challenging. But I guess it should be possible to catch them during thumbnail generation. As I wrote, the images claim to be several thousand pixels large, e.g. 9600 x 7488 (that image is now 404).
I'll disable that filter for now, maybe that gif issue has been fixed already without any notice. Otherwise I'll keep a list of possible candidates.

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